Friday, March 28, 2008

Public Display of Peace... on the streets of Chicago

We held a "Public Meditation for Peace and Sustainability" on the streets of Chicago featuring about 20 students and innocent bystanders. We brought the peace wherever we went and spontaneously meditated in various Chicago landmarks while people looked on and asked questions. In a big city like Chicago, you seldom get the chance to visually experience peace. We see a fast-paced sea of stress and people feeling rushed and missing the moment. Our intention was to display peace, in almost an artistic form, and let people get curious about meditation and sustainability. There's been lots of recent talk about sustainability and "green" but seldom do we ask ourselves where it comes from. We cannot have a peaceful and sustainable planet without peaceful and sustainable people, and this is what we wish to cultivate. Furthermore, our cause is young and relevant to the times. Meditation isn't some weird esotheric ritual but a statement to the world that says, "I am truly being myself."

Keep checking back with us as we'll be uploading videos and more pictures from our adventure in Chicago. If you'll like to contact me for info about our project, you can reach me at publicmeditationproject(at)gmail(dot)com
Love and light,


Dumuro said...
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Akinol said...
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Vanitha Chandrasegaram said...

It's a wonderful idea!! Wish more people would come up with their own unique way of displaying their inner peace. The world need to see evidence of peace, now more than ever. Bless you!