Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Public Meditation Project in Chicago March 23

PUBLIC MEDITATION for peace and sustainability

Date: Sunday, March 23rd
Time: 1pm
Place: At the "Clark and Lake" station in the lobby of the Atrium Mall

Come and close your eyes with us for peace and sustainability. And join us for several public meditation sessions along Michigan Ave.
For exact details contact: Alex at

*The Public Meditation Project does not advocate any specific form of meditation. All practices, techniques, rituals, etc, are honored and respected. One does not need to know how to meditate in order to participate. A peaceful intention is the only requirement.


Garret said...

The movement is always pushing forward. Ill see you there friend, and to all those ready to step up and assist in guiding the world towards the evoltioun of consciousness, Always Appeal to Your Heart, for the truth lies in all of us

Anonymous said...

See here or here