Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meditating at Iowa City Mall...

The Public Meditation Project encourages everyone to publicly display their peace. This may come in the form of praying, meditating, or just sitting quietly. Today, I was at Coralville mall in Iowa City. We decided to do several short meditations all over the mall. We ran into security at Target, and they told us we couldn't sit and block the walkways. So, we meditated on the small sitting area, and many people gave us strange looks. Then we meditated on several benches around the mall, and people's reactions ranged from curiousity, to reading our signs, to saying things like "you guys are cool!" or "Those people are insane." Others took pictures.
The Public Meditation Project encourages activists all over the world to incorporate this peaceful practice into their next rally or march. Be the peace you wish to see.
Also, if you send me pictures or videos of you meditating in public, I will post them here. You can email those to

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