Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meditating at Green Festival- San Francisco...

The vibe was an electric blend of progressive visionaries and modern activists who have long replaced their torn-jeans and tie-dye shirts with khakis and business savyness. Three days of munching on delicious organic meals, meetings with students of every area of sustainability, and all sorts of business initiatives and movements meant to inspire and help infuse our lives with a little more consciousness. Green Festival-San Francisco looked to provide the growing number of environmentally-concerned citizens with practical ways of changing ourselves and in turn the world around us.

The Public Meditation Project was there to infuse a little mystical inspiration, and maybe make one or two people smile at the playful innocence of meditating in public.

This crowd was very welcoming. There were no security guards to kick me out(see Me vs Mall Security), and probably very few people who had never heard of meditation.

As always, I encourage all of you readers to publicly display your peace. It may be through prayer, meditation, quiet contemplation, etc. World peace begins with inner peace, and inspiration leads to revolutionary action. This is the type of action we see at this event.

Deepak Chopra's keynote speech from the first night(see pic) hinted at the fact that the green movement has everything to do with the growing consciousness we are experiencing. We are seeing ourselves as more than just our bodies. We are also our environment and communities, and helping our world means we are helping ourselves.

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