Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Logo and new massive trip to Chicago!

The Public Meditation Project will be in Chicago March 23. We'll be meditating around the Art Institute of Chicago, and probably march down to City Hall and meditate there. This will all happen around noon on the 23rd. We'll have exact times and locations within a couple of days.

We'll have shirts displaying sustainability messages like: "Recycle," and "Buy Local." The purpose is to show that sustainability begins from the inside.

Everyone is welcomed to join us! Even if you don't meditate/pray/etc. Come and close your eyes with us for peace and sustainability's sake. You can even come and just take pictures of us (30+ people meditating in public). That'll be an event in itself.

Email for more details.

See you in Chicago!


Anonymous said...

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Frank Olinsky said...

The logo you are presently using as your icon is a ripoff logo design I created for Tricycle's Change Your Mind Day in 2000 (see I retain the copyright for this logo and your use of it without my permission is a copyright infringement on your part. Please remove this logo from your blog page as soon as possible.

Although your logo differs from the orginal in a few superficial ways it is essentially the same logo as the one I created and copyrighted. Stealing the work of artists who depend on getting paid for their creative ideas is not only illegal it is bad karma especially for people who profess to be spiritual guides.