Friday, February 29, 2008

Meditating in Public- Back to Chicago soon... Come and join us!

The Public Meditation Project intro-video is now an "award-winning" video (you can watch it here). It won the "Quantum Shift Outstanding Video Award" last December, and it is currently KarmaTube's "Video of the Week."

We're planning a demonstration of peace in Chicago to take place sometime around the weekend of March 21st. We'll probably take a tour of the most crowded Chicago malls (if you're from Chicago, please tell us where you would like to see us meditate), and everyone is more than welcomed to join us.

We'll get some press coverage, and we'll also have the Tidal Wave Productions film crew there for a movie about Sustainability and Consciousness.

We're planning on making shirts that display messages not just about peace, but also about sustainability and awareness (For example: "Buy Organic," "Buy Local," "Recycle," "Stand for Corporate responsibility," etc)

If you come out and join us you can get a shirt... or you can make your own :-)

I'll also post information about how you can easily start your own Public Meditation crew in your city or neighborhood.
It's time for collective action! Let's build awareness and get active! And by that I mean: Let's get settled within ourselves so that our awareness of unity brings about actions that are sustainable and peaceful :-)

Email me with your own Public Meditation stories-

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